2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourFix programming typo master 1.5-3
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourWrap
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourUpdate changelog for 1.5-3
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourRemove .la file and .so link when mysql is multi-arch
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourAdd pre-depends for multi-arch mysql
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourConvert to 3.0 format
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourConvert dpatch headers to quilt
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourUpdate debhelper to 9
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourUse mysql_config to find proper libs for multi-arch...
2012-04-18 Emmanuel LacourApply patches before autotools
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourDon't install useless .la/.so files
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourSwitch to standard dh rules, automate the autotools...
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourUpdate README.source for quilt
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourAdd lintian override for package-name-doesnt-match...
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourSpell check in package description
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourAdd per policy required build-arch/build-indep
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourAdd missing ${misc:Depends}
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourUpdate Standard-Versions to 3.9.3
2012-04-17 Emmanuel LacourUse quilt instead of dpatch
2011-11-08 Emmanuel LacourAllow non root processes to authenticate users based...
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourAdd required README.source 1.5-2
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourUpdate and rename autotools update patch
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourFix bad mkinstalldirs upstream use
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourRemove useless directive
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourFix wrong email in debian changelog
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourRevert modification from upstream and convert it to...
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourNew libtool update full patch
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourRemove file not present in upstream (will be installed...
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourFix "dh_clean -k" to be compatible with debhelper 7
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourUpdate Standards-Version
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourPrepare release 1.5-2
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourFix lintian error about use of -$(MAKE)
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourFix patch format
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourAdd required binary-indep make target
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourUpdate debhelper compat
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourUpdate Standards-Version
2009-08-19 Emmanuel LacourUpdate libtool/autoconf/aclocal scripts using dpatch
2007-10-13 Emmanuel Lacour[svn-buildpackage] Tagging libnss-mysql-bg (1.5-1)
2007-10-13 Emmanuel Lacour1.5-1 release 1.5-1
2007-10-13 Emmanuel Lacour[svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk 1.3-2
2007-10-13 Emmanuel Lacour[svn-inject] Forking libnss-mysql-bg source to Trunk
2007-10-13 Emmanuel Lacour[svn-inject] Installing original source of libnss-mysql-bg